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Jeffery Lee Battle

Jeffery Lee Battle is the youngest of six children born to Elaine and Mack Battle of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Like his siblings, Jeffery attended Rocky Mount Senior High School, where he began his basketball career. Upon his graduation in 1978, Jeffery continued his basketball career at the Memphis State University. Jeffery-Lee is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, with his military legacy continued by his two youngest children enlisted in the United States Army. Later in life, Jeffery worked as a Correctional officer, where his love for golf began at 39 years old. Jeffery wishes that he could have started at a younger age, and thus began his journey to create this opportunity for his community.

For the last ten years, Jeffery has made it his goal to introduce golf to children in his community who would not usually have a chance for exposure. While raising his two youngest children in western Maryland, Jeffery has bought golf equipment, paid for training lessons, and shuttled community children to and from the driving range to give them an opportunity to fall in love with the fantastic game of golf. As both his kids have grown and left the house, Jeffery has shifted his focus back to his childhood home. He wishes to extend these same opportunities he did in Maryland, to children of his stomping ground.

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